LED Lighting Systems for cars, trucks, crawlers and buggies

TMX KarLites

TMX Kar-Lites

Full-featured scale lighting system for RC vehicles


Description: Trick out your RC with #10 bin state-of-the-art 5mm Mega-Brite LEDs, Action Brake Lights and any other optional bling you can imagine all controlled from one Master Control Unit (MCU). Whether used for kicks or scale competition, TMX Kar-Lites add an extra dimension of fun and realism that extend driving time into darkness.


Options: Ground FX, KC lights, emergency strobe(s), police lights, interior lights, turn signals, sonic back-up lights, parking lights, siren and any other bling you can imagine can be yours. All "ss" kits have an ERC SmartSwitch built in for automatic ambient light-sensing on/off control.


Details: TMX KarLites is a uniquely crafted LED vehicle scale lighting kit designed for today’s scale on/off road nitro/gas electric cars and trucks. Compact and full of features, its rugged design is able to withstand tremendous abuse and operate trouble free in all environmental conditions. The heart of the system is enclosed within a high impact ABS case and protected from problems caused by dirt, mud, moisture/water, nitro fuel and gas. Its modular design allows an RCer to buy the controller, lights and accessories separately or together as a kit. One controller can be used to operate several lighted body shells, if desired. more...



  • Cutting Edge #10 Bin Ultra-Brite LEDs
  • Expandable to 36+ LEDs
  • Chromed Reflectors
  • Built-in Action Brake Light Switch


  • Shock and Vibration Proof
  • Fuel and Moisture Resistant
  • ABS Protected Controller
  • Removable Controller for Multiple Bodies


  • Plug-and-Play Harness for Easy Body Removal
  • Pre-wired for easy Plug & Play install
  • Nitro/Gas/Electric Compatible
  • LED Light Dispersing Lens Caps

Choose Your System

Several pre-configured kits are available. Or, we can custom design anything you can dream up and build it to your required specifications. See options and details above for possibilities.


TMX KarLites Kits

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Mini Kar-Lites

Mini/Micro KarLites

Miniature lighting system for RC vehicles



Mini KarLites is a basic miniature 5mm LED lighting kit designed to fit up to 1/8th scale vehicles.

Micro KarLites is a basic miniature 3mm LED lighting kit designed to fit up to 1/18th scale vehicles.


Both are designed for the economy-minded RC'er that just wants to add a basic lighting configuration with exceptionally brilliant LEDs to on and off road vehicles and are not interested in add-ons or extra features. Just brilliant day and night driving lights!


Their compact, lightweight design is built to withstand extreme shock, vibration and be completely fuel and moisture resistant. The mil grade shrink-enclosed PCB will endure the most extreme abuse. A uniquely exclusive ERC feature is the optionally available built-in motion switch that turns the tail lights into simulated action brake lights. When decelerating the switch is activated and intensifies the already bright red tail lights by 300%. Also built-in is an external switch input for manual, remote or automatic on/off control. To power the system, just plug into a spare or "Y" adapt into a used RX slot. The current drain is so slight that any change in driving time is negligible at best.


The LED lights are pre-wired paired harnesses for easy, quick installation. The kit includes square-shaped flush mount type light dispursing LED colored lens cover/holders for tail and fog lights. Chrome metal LED reflector/holders are provided for the headlights which provide a 30 degree wide 50 foot beam. All LEDs are classified as #10 bin (highest quality rating) ultra-bright diodes and have a life expectancy of 100K+ hours. LEDs burn cool using only 1/10th the power of incandescent bulbs and unlike incandescents LED epoxy lenses are extremely rugged and durable. Bundled into the kit is an installation hardware package and complete instructions.


Choose Your System

Several pre-configured kits are available. Mini KarLites are 5mm LED systems. Micro KarLites are 3mm LED systems. Or, we can custom design anything you can dream up and build it to your required specifications. See options and details above for possibilities. Remote TX on/off switchable with a built-in ERC DigiSwitch or ERC MicroSwitch, or automatic light-sensing on/off control with a built-in ERC SmartSwitch.


Mini/Micro KarLites

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