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GEM 2000 "Electronic Guardian"

Starting at: $27.00

Sooner or later, we all experience the kind of problems that cause unexpected disasters. Lack of early warning is the real problem! That's why the GEM 2000 is as necessary to have onboard as a good battery pack. It gives you peace of mind! It makes flying, driving and boating more carefree, fun and most importantly, safe! Read full description...

Standard: Single case mounted LED
Remote: LED mounted on 7" extension leads
Twin-Lites: 2 like-colored LEDs on separate 7" leads
Tip-Lites (Airplanes): 2 different colored LEDs on separate 7" leads with hardware pack for extending to wingtips
Tip-Lites (Heli): 2 different colored LEDs on separate 12" leads
Series: Choose 2, 3, or 4 independent monitors on one module

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