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GEM 2000

The Electronic Guardian

Sooner or later, we all experience the kind of problems that cause unexpected disasters. Lack of early warning is the real problem! That's why the GEM 2000 is as necessary to have onboard as a good battery pack. It gives you peace of mind! It makes flying, driving and boating more carefree, fun and most importantly, safe!
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Automatic & Continual Monitoring of...

1. Battery Pack

2. Switch Harness

3. Receiver (RX)

4. Servos

5. RX Filters

6. Freq. Crystal

7. Tuning Circuit

8. Switch Status

Condition under real-time system "load"

Wire strand breakdown, shorts, continuity

Components, solder joints, contacts and "conductive metal freebies"

Stalling, binding, jamming, amplifier probe

RF noise rejection circuitry (ceramic filters)

Cracks, loose spring clips, socket breakdown

Coil separation-breakdown, auto range check

Warns if switch is left on accidently


  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Low Current Draw
  • Rugged SMT Construction
  • High Impact ABS Enclosed Case


  • Shock and Vibration Proof
  • Fuel and Moisture Proof
  • User Programmable Microchip IC
  • Long Distance In-Flight Visibility


  • Easy Plug-and-Play
  • Easy Install
  • Fully Automatic
  • Lifetime Warranty


Model Type:


Voltage Range:


LED Colors:


All Nitro/Gas Powered RCs - Aircraft, Helicopters, Vehicles and Boats

operating on up to 7.4 volts regardless of class or size


Daytime more than 500 feet, Nighttime more than 3000 yards

Five Ultrabright - Red, True Green, Blue, Amber, White

Universal "S" (JR/Hitec) Fits all popular RC radio brands

Additional Information

GEM 2000 tech manualGEM 2000 Tech Manual

Installation Methods

Operational Procedures

Monitoring Status/Diagnostics



GEM 2000 installation guideGEM-Lites Installation Guide

Andy Fremlin shows how to install GEM 2000s on a Hirobo Sceadu EVO 50 helicopter

Module Styles

1. Standard

2. Remote

3. Twin-Lites

4. Tip-Lites (Air)


5. Tip-Lites (Heli)

6. Series

Single case mounted LED

LED mounted on 7" extension leads

2 like-colored LEDs on separate 7" leads

2 different colored LEDs on separate 7" leads

with hardware pack for extending to wingtips

2 different colored LEDs on separate 12" leads

Choose 2, 3, or 4 independent monitors on one module

LED Colors/Visibility Factor


1. Ruby Red

2. Emerald Green

3. Sapphire Blue

4. Amber Yellow

5. Diamond White


18,000 mcd

22,000 mcd (True Green)

10,000 mcd

10,000 mcd

22,000 mcd

The Full Story...

Automatically monitors onboard status of battery pack and electronic systems. When the receiver switch is activated, the Gem 2000 continually monitors most everything in the system not connected to the engine. Critical to safe operation is the battery pack. An external meter check does not provide information on what your entire system in operation is doing to the pack. A binding servo causes an excessive "load" that can cause an unexpected power failure shortly into a flight. A switch could be going bad or an intermittent RX problem could be occurring. Any number of things can go wrong with a battery pack or radio system that causes a disaster if not warned in time. In real-time the Gem 2000 will detect and alert you to most of these potential problems during a pre-flight check. And if a battery pack problem develops during flight, it will alert you in time to safely land.


This rugged ABS enclosed "Solid State" multi-tasking passive safety instrument plugs or "Y" adapts into any RX slot. When RX switch is active, it continually analyzes, detects and warns of current or impending problems in up to 7 areas of system operations (depending on radio technology) plus indicates RX "on/off" status. An exceptionally brilliant LED indicates a "Go/No Go" status during pre-operational safety check. In flight, it continually advises on the condition of the battery pack and advises when it is time to land. For vehicles and boats, it warns of low battery pack condition to help eliminate runaways.


The GEM 2000 is superior to using an external battery checker or meter because it is continually watching what the onboard system "load" factor is doing to the health of the battery pack; warns of unnecessary and excessive "loading" on the pack due to servo stalling, binding and jamming; comes factory calibrated for all popular battery packs ranging from 4.8v to 7.4 volts; is fully user programmable over the full operating range of from 4.0 to 10.0 volts; and is compatible with all RC Radio technologies - FM/PPM, PCM & Spectrum 2.4 gHz. and compatible with all battery chemistries - NiCd, NiMH, LFE (A-123) LiPo, Li-Ion up to 10 volts.


Aside from pilot error, nearly all RC crashes are absolutely preventable... if warned in time! Pilot, or operator error (sometimes referred to as "dumb thumbs"), is the greatest cause of crashing a model. However, many other factors can result in unexpected disaster, with power failure topping the list. The best and most reliable way to always know what's happening with your model is to equip it with a precision warning instrument. The Gem 2000 will warn you in time to 7 of the 8 most common causes of crashing. Whenever the RX switch is active, the brilliant LED indicator will flash with a steady, even pattern at 5hz (approx. 5 flashes per second). As long as the flash pattern remains steady and even and the servos are quiet, all systems are "go" for flight or operation. If not, then there is a problem somewhere. Depending on what the LED and/or the servos are doing, the G2K will alert you to where in the system the problem is originating: battery pack, RX, switch, servos, etc. For example, if the flashing LED turns to solid glowing, it means at that particular "load" condition there is approximately 25% flying time left. When the "load" is reduced, the LED starts flashing again. If it frequently turns solid or remains solid glowing... land. There's nothing to interpret or think about. It's a "no brainer"!

It Will Last Forever

If it doesn't, we'll replace it. We don't care what happens to it, how it happens, where it happens or who did it. If your dog ate it and it just didn't come out the same on the other side, just send it back. Well, hmmm... that's a tough one. We'll have to think about that. Anyway, every GEM 2000 you buy is guaranteed for life.
Read our Unconditional Lifetime Warranty for more details...

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