LED Lighting Systems for airplanes and aircraft

T-28 Foamy Lites

Navigational lighting system for planes up to 50" wing span


T-28 Foamy Lites installed

Model Type: Aircraft and Airplanes up to 60" span, perfect for Park Zone's 44" T-28 Trojan "Foamy"

LEDs: 3-9 Ultra Bright 5mm

Connector: Complete set of m/f plugs for quick disconnect of Wing Lights and Nose Landing Light if applicable

Wire Gauge: 32 AWG micro wires that become virtually invisible

Description: "Foamies" are a blast from sun-up to sundown! But why stop at sundown? How ‘bout experiencing the fun and thrills of night flying? Convert your Foamy to a 24-hour mission capable flyer with ERC’s custom T-28 "Foamy" LED Mini Nav system. Although custom designed for Park Zone’s popular 44" T-28 Trojan "Foamy", the kit is versatile and will easily adapt to any aircraft up to a 60" span. more...


Video of custom T-28 lighting system

Available Pre-Configured Kits: Several pre-configured kits are available. Or, we can custom design anything you can dream up and build it to your required specifications. Watch video of a custom T-28 lighting system with synchronized gun lights....


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No extra charge for selecting either flashing or solid glowing white Tail Marker Light or ramping or strobing style Belly Strobe (choose preference when ordering). All kits can be ordered with either an ERC DigiSwitch built in for TX on/off remote control or an ERC SmartSwitch built in for automatic light-sensing on/off control.


T-28 Foamy Lites

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MaxiLites Navigational Lighting System

Pro and recreational navigational lighting systems for any size aircraft


Maxi-Lites with single switch

Configuration Options: Several Maxi-Lites light kit configurations are available. We also custom design most anything you can dream up and then build it to your required specifications.


Description: The Maxi-Lites kits are our premium nav lighting systems designed to add realistic lighting F/X to scale, competition and recreational RC aircraft up to 100 inch wingspans. They're full featured, versatile LED lighting systems with super brilliant LEDs that are daylight visible making orientation easier at longer distances. Maxi-Lites Pro kits extend daytime flying into twilight and beyond. They make nighttime flying not only easy, but a real blast!


The Maxi-Lites system has 12 inputs all clearly labeled on the case topside for their lighting, switching or aux function. All LED lighting harnesses are completely pre-wired to specs and are ready to simply plug into the MCU. No soldering is required. A comprehensive User's Guide for reference and installation is included. more...


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Adding an Automatic Ambient On/Off Control Switch

All kits can be ordered with an ERC SmartSwitch (DigiSwitch-S will be substituted for the DigiSwitch-D) for automatic light-sensing on/off control of the nav lights and independent remote control of the landing lights.



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